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The total amount of counterfeit goods sold each year comes in at around

$1.7 trillion to $4.5 trillion, which would make counterfeiting at least the tenth-largest economy.
They are a significant and persistent problem for manufacturers, adversely affecting the image of companies

while resulting in substantial financial losses. In some instances, they can also pose serious risks for consumers.

Sam Trade provides a comprehensive solution to combat counterfeiting, which includes high-security labels with authentication and a track & trace system. This solution is suitable for various market segments such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobiles, luxury goods, construction, and food, beauty & beverage.

Why use a hologram as a security feature? 

   Impossible to duplicate with a scanner or a color copier

   Impossible to imitate with standard printing technologies

   The primary (First level) visual security features can be used to 

          integrate second and third-level control features

brand protection

Your partner against Counterfeiting, generics, Fraud, Falsification, and Forgery.



Harry Burton took photograph in 1923

The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1922.

The still-intact royal seal on King Tutankhamun's tomb seal,

 This unbroken seal stayed 3,245 years untouched


 Pharaohs were the first on earth to invent the royal seal on the tombs, which is known now as

"Tamper Evidence."

Sam Trade offers a tamper-evident label
" security hologram that will leave a tamper pattern on the surface when the hologram sticker is peeled off. These seals contain features that make peeling up the sticker or removing it impossible without damaging it in an obvious way."

Self-destruction Label Tamper-evident With partial or total destruction of the image at any removal or displacement attempt 
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Our expertise lies in providing personalized holographic labels that offer the most effective solution to safeguard your products from counterfeiting

Our services cater to a wide range of industries including

Medicine, Food And Beverage, Automotive And Aviation Spares, Electrical Equipment, Software, Videos, Cds, Cassettes, Dvds, Spirits, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Clothing, Accessories, Sportswear, Toys, Games, Watches, And Jewelry.

We offer a wide range of customized holographic labels to the brand products to protect against any counterfeit attempt.

Movement effects:

  • Rotation movement

  • Horizontal Tilting

  • Vertical Tilting

  • Tilting In Any Direction

  • Steep & Hidden


  • 2D-effect

  • 3D-effect

  • 2D/3D-effect

  • Image Switching


Security verification Features

Overt Features

  • "verification Can be authenticated by naked eyes"

Covert Features "Can be authenticated by simple hand tools and/or law enforcers."

Covert Features

  • It can be authenticated by devices such as smartphones.

Forensic Authentication Features

  • Laboratory equipment verification devices

Multi-levels authentication

1 st Level: Visual Control 

  • colorsDiffraction, rainbow colors​

  • Image animation

  • Image multiplexing

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2 nd Level: Advanced Control

  • By the use of a simple tool such  as a lens 

  • Micro texts and microelements,  special features ...


3 rd Level: Laboratory type Control

  • by the use of sophisticated tools  such as laser readers or  microscopes

  • Nano texts and nano elements,    special features ...

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with a track & trace system, your products can be traced across the entire supply chain. Retailers, customs, and consumers can quickly and efficiently check the authenticity of the goods via mobile telephone

Optical security technology has advanced to such a position that when its integrated with track and trace it can provide manufacturers with the tools to be fully compliant with the forthcoming legislation–incorporating beneficial features that can help users generate unique sequential, encrypted or random serial numbers, or identify and mark products overtly or covertly either via special self-adhesive labels or directly onto pharmaceutical products

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Some of our Clients.

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